Jérémie Iordanoff

An emerging artist

The artist, 2018

I am a French abstract artist born in 1983. I live and work in Montpellier, south on France. I have exhibited many times since 2000, often working on something else in parallel with my artistic activity. Today, I am entirely commited to my painting.

Contemporary abstract art

"Pura Vida", oil on canvas, 2017

I work with oil painting, watercolor and drawing. If the techniques are traditional, I do not consider my approach outside of the contemporary art.

I tend to be wary of speeches that justify works, and works that are only a pale illustration of a speech.

I would simply call my paintings and drawings sensible abstractions, visual poems. The image remains for me partly incomprehensible, imperfect, unspeakable, and it is above all an object of contemplation and reflection.


Abstract painting, 2018

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